Love So Cold lyrics

Music by elton john
Lyrics by bernie taupin
Released as a uk b-side in 1980

It looked a lot like the same old thing
Ive seen so many times
She was aging fast like a bandit
Born to a life of crime
Meanwhile he held his crown and watched her fall
Just bouncing her around like a rubber ball

Through her washed up eyes she could see
That the ties on her prince were gone
He turned the radio off when they played
What he once had called their song
Well the crystal didnt clink but they drink up more
And when he stayed out late she knew what he stayed out for

Loves so cold when youre growing old and your looks are gone
Loves so cold when your hands dont dance where they once belonged
If hes heading down to the red light and the local bar
Loves so cold when he shoots an arrow through your heart
Loves so cold when he shoots an arrow through your heart

Due to natural causes she became distorted and she tried to leave
But the winning team had an ace or two up a crooked sleeve
For he knew that her age wouldnt help her get along
And thats what made his hold on her so strong

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