Low Down lyrics

She pulls up next to me locked and trapped inside herself does she know that her friends just left to Mexico she said she loves me she said she'll marry me all I need to do is show her that In this world of love and hate take and hold on to the things that hold you down on the long road there together we stopped briefly to get a drink pulled back her brown hair she looked me in the eyes I said out loud I want to cry
She said that I should try it her way of course I won't I'm stubborn like that I'm low down in my room laying down in my bed will you let me sign the top of your bunk bed again will you write me another thirteen page note signed P.S. hey babe why have you been so depressed This can't go on forever I love you babe but I cannot stay this way anymore the phone call last night was for you to leave my life just leave my life cause I don't care anymore if you're mad or if you're sad tonight

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