Man In The Mask lyrics

Yesterday mornin I stood in the mirror, gazin into my own eyes
Knowin the life that I was livin, wasn't the one that I visualized
Half awoke and half unconscious, I replayed my life over
I saw the image of a man with a mask standin over my shoulder
At first I thought I was hallucinatin, I must be still sleep
Dreamin deep, I paid him no mind until I heard him speak
And the words he spoke were deadly, no love is what he meant
Said he was watchin me and I would see him everywhere that I went
I got scared and broke the mirror, ran out feelin a buzz
Determined not to quit but when I looked up there he was
I was hopin I could take the mask up off his face and see
I had 2 questions, who's this man and why is he chasin me
I jumped in the ride and burnt off, doin my best to run
Passed at least 11 bus-stops and he was standin at everyone
Saw him in my rear-view mirror, thought my sanity's tryin to pimp me
Cause wasn't no cars behind me and my backseat was empty
I looked at the clock and I noticed, its 2:23pm
But i'm paranoid cause nobody was outside but me and him
I couldn't shake, escape, or evade him no matter what corners I was cuttin'
Had a full tank of gas, but the car shut down all of a sudden
I bailed out and started runnin', i'm in my hood and I know it well
But the street signs had changed up, they had words on them like hell
And word on them like murder, damnation, and lies instead
And every street that I ran down, I went through what it said
I was in pain so I broke down, it all ended at last
The torture felt like 20 hours but only 5 minutes had passed
Why was I goin thru this sufferin, what was this man scheming
Before he took me I woke up screamin and realized that I was dreamin
I was glad that it was over, so I stood up on my feet
Walked outside to get some fresh air and absorb some of the heat
I kinda laughed about the whole thing once the drama was complete
I almost passed out when I looked up and seen him standin across the street
I took off runnin' full speed, as fast as I can go
But no matter how fast I ran, he was behind my walkin slow (like Jason)
With the same mask on from the dream with specks of blood on it
Tired of runnin' for my life, he'd have to take mine if he want it
So I stop to turn and face him, no words were left to say
But once he saw my fear was gone, he took off runnin the other way
I was confused while I was chasin him, it wasn't what it seemed
How can I fight somethin that hides in mirror reflections and in dreams
Nevertheless I got to take the chance and hope that I can stretch'em
At that moment he stopped runnin' as if he wanted me to catch him
All the psychological anguish I went through was defined
I grabbed his head, snatched the mask off and the face in it was mine
I almost went blind, but it came together step by step
I was being chased by my own sin, runnin' from the darkside of myself
As I choked him in a tight grasp, I began to understand
Right then and there the man in the mask just dissappeared inside my hand
It was all a sign for me to change, and see the world clearer
I closed my eyes and when I opened I was standin in front of a mirror
But even though the man was gone, I can't say that it was the end
Cause I know that if I slip up, I'll see that man again

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