Melba From Melbourne lyrics

Once I had a silly notion to out across the ocean
The future for me didn't look to bright
So I signed up with a tanker,
got on board and raised the anchor
Stood and watched the Golden Gate fade out of sight
Nineteen days and nights we travelled
Through the stormy seas we battled
'Till we landed in Australia far away
Far from friends and San Francisco
and the Miss I thought I'll miss so
'Til I stepped ashore in Melbourne that first day.
So in love but couldn't get her
Cared so much, couldn't forget het
I fell in love just a little bit more and more
There I was just like I started
All alone and broken hearted
I recall the day I left Australia's shore
I was standing there and tryin'
So hard to keep from crying
The more I tried, the more my tears would show
Then a cold breeze seem to whisper
"It's the end you better kiss her"
So I kissed her and I turned away to go.
Then I left Melba from Melbourne
She made my heart yearn
She made my tears flow like wine
She wouldn't leave there
I couldn't stay there
So Melba could never be mine...

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