Method Of Groove lyrics

Weve got the method of groove that grabbed your attention
Now that youre aware were gonna give you the message
My father taught me many things
Living deaf, dumb and blind will get you nothing
So listen up and hear what I have to say
Its never too late to learn in this day and age
Well point you in a new direction
Passed down to this generation

If youve learned anything from me
It would be to hold on to your dreams
Learn from my mistakes
And it will take off some of the weight
He said, you got your whole life to live,
And so much more to give
Never compromise and you will never live a lie.
He said, son, remember where you came from.

We never doubted ourselves for a minute
Oh they may criticize and compromise, but we were always in it
So come on down and see what this is all about
Its in our soul, on the road, wherever we may go
So wake up, nothing can stop us
We got the chaos so just let us
Provide the lines that make your mind spend the time
Think before you sink to the bottom

He said, son, remember where you came from.

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