Miracle Child lyrics

She got me to walk on water
I did what she said
She got me to steal the moonlight
Put it over her head
And after I moved the mountain
Which stood in the way
The answer was in the question
She asked me if I wanted to stay

All of my friends said it couldnt last
Id be another there in her past
But I disagree cause
I cant say say no, no, no, no

Save me, shes so hungry
Make a man do anything
I know, she gets hungry
Gets away like an innocent child
Save me, shes so hungry
Has the appetite to everything
I know, shes just hungry
Shes got the mind of a miracle child

And when I changed the seasons
And water to wine
I took all the wordly problems
And got the peace in our time
And after I built the temple
She wanted so bad
I took her to altar on sunday
To look at everything that we had

I could say no, but I always do
Someone outside
Would be comin through
And I cant stop her
I cant say no, no, no, no

Shes so hungry
She gets hungry ...

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