Monday Morning Rock lyrics

(m. crenshaw, d. weiss)

The same old sounds, the same old sights
The same old friday and saturday nights
Were out all night, we must have fun
Its hard to know, but it has to be done.
Im gonna be relieved when I can finally stop
And do the monday morning rock.
Neon lights of pink and blue
A drink in my hand and my arm around you
The beat runs on till way past dawn
The doors open up, theres a day going on
Thats when I know I gotta go home and set my clock
To do the monday morning rock.
Well now everybody all up and down the block
Lets do the monday morning rock.
No more fun, the weekends done
Weve done our duty, now were all alone
I touch your hand, your eyes meet mine
Its warm, its quiet, and Im feeling fine
Lets turn out all the lights and lock the lock
And do the monday morning rock.

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