Moose Lodge lyrics

Come join the Moose lodge
Family, fraternity, if any, a community for
It's at the moose lodge
Every activity for fellowship and unity of generations
No man stands so tall as when he stoops to lift a child
Boy, that's a kickass quote

I certify that I'm a male 21 years or older
A believer in a supreme being
Not a member of the communist party
And of good character
I understand that any mis-statement
May cause my removal from
A working status or forefeiture
Of membership in the loyal order of moose

Who's at the moose lodge?
Veterans and working men and poets and celebrities like Manute Bol
And why the moose lodge?
Two of every ten will tell you if you ask them on the street
Fifteen percent off Hickory Farms meat
An astute poll
Stand tall mighty man-moose
Twenty-five million strong
Moose members can't be wrong.

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