Morbid Dream lyrics

[Lyrics: Paulista]

Dream? Reality? That road!
It was night, I was lonely and frightened
Something strange was happening
Was I dreaming?
I wanted to wake up and scream
But I just kept walking
As if a supernatural force was guiding my body
And dominating my mind

Someone was playing a ballad
Yes, the sound of a very sad song
A sound filled with pain and suffering
I was being involved by the music

God what's happening?
The road, cursed road!

I could hear the sound of a bell
As if someone was waiting for me
And I was still going on, like a puppet
I saw a very frail light

Morbid dream! Morbid dream!

And then someone started to cry
Were there people there?
Yes and they were crying, but why?
The music was getting louder
The bell was tolling faster
I felt my heart pounding
My blood was freezing
Suddenly I woke up, did I wake up?

And three days after that horrible nightmare
Believe me, I died, yes it's true, I died
Death doesn't send warnings,
But I don't know how I knew I was going to die

Morbid dream! Morbid dream!

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