Mudpie lyrics

Nothing but a mudpie
Wrapped up inside with a pretty bow
Nothing but a castle built on top of strong, but quicksand
And inside these cardboard walls and saran wrap windows
Lies a rustly pot of fool's gold
That you got with your life
Are you tired (blah blah) on loyalty
Are you tired self to act like royalty
Until the day you became the prey
As you tripped over your red carpet
You wash your hair in that luca oil
Then you wrap your head up in tin foil
Prance around in your bathroom
Pretending you're a king

Just spin me home
Sinking faster now

Well you can follow your rainbows
And I will follow the sun now
Wherever he goes
It's not too far to run
So I will follow the sun
Follow the sun

Nothing but a calendar hanging on your wall
That's 23 years old
Nothing but a for sale sign on a house
That's already sold
Trying to chew through that
Chocolate covered barbed wire
Cause there's a mountain of beautiful filth
Waiting for you on the other side

Just spin me home
Sinking faster now

Clever lines end up rusty and forgotten
Brilliant minds end up with Alzheimer's
What I thought was so deep ended up so hollow
And what I thought had meaning
Ended up so shallow

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