My Eyes lyrics

A little older, little wiser
With every breath I learn just a little more
And with all Ive seen, Ive finally made up my mind
Enough of this world
Enough blood in these eyes
So, so, so sick of this life

Its about time I realized
Release this hate from inside
Enough blood in my eyes

Call it what you will
Call it suicide
Disregard how you feel
Im just freeing my mind
Clench my teeth as I sleep
So, so, so sick of this life
Cannot take, cannot fake
Cant shake this blood from these eyes


All I have and all I will be
Nevertheless Ill live for all eternity
cause you cant erase my words, cant erase my mind
You cant wipe out my thoughts
Cant shake this blood from my eyes
So, so, so dont even try


Just give me one good reason to live
Ill give you three to die
Lets leave this world behind

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