No Longer There (feat. Greg Penniston) lyrics

Baby baby I miss you I need you here with me my life is incomplete how I
long to see your face I miss your pretty smile without you theirs no me.
Tell me how can I move on show me how to carry on when your no longer
there and tell me how can I be strong when my happiness is gone if your
no longer there.
I close my eyes and let the rain fall from the sky and wish that I had
never ever made you cry regardless of what circumstances be you kept
your word and your promise to always honor me so what I gotta do to make
this uyp to you hopw can I make you feel the love that I still have from
you did I lose your trust did I lose my mind did I lose the gift the
lord sent me from the sky I guess that you can say I kinda went to far
played my selfious little games and broke your heart into a million
pieces when you laid there and cried and all that I can do say im sorry
I lied remember when I told you that the day that I die I want you to be
the only one there by my side you have been my happiness my best friend
my everything and even though my word means nothing ill be there till
the end
[Verse 2]
How can I be strong knowing now that your gone I remenise ion the days
you use to hold me in your arms shed tears every night something I've
never done before the life of a player wasn't worth losing my girl
you're my world and I need you id do anything to see your face over
again I lost more than just a friend till the end I will love you will
never be replaced the emptiness inside me lived in this of happiness
tell me how can I move on its like living a sad song just to here you
breathe or the sound of your voice you were the light in life I was
afraid to let you go the day

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