Oblivion's Scroll lyrics

Pass the scroll to me lemme read from it

I'm the guardian of the word cathedral
You never heard of equal murderous verbs sees ferns it's evil
Before I create a thing G, I got a letter lab text screen me
Locked me up quarantine me and clean me
My conscience bombs come from ecollective erections
When you speak I respond with frantic electrons
Any man who and friend just ends with the millennium avenges
For him and ten generation of Hedrick
They'll try to follow or swallow my changes
It's like getting stung on ya tongue by a colony a bottle of ants
The soilless order of metamorphosis
Started with my entry through a parallel universes oralists
I bathe in Insanity Lake
Pinned the tight foom with the earthquake and made a calamity shake
I got a pianist who plays keys on 23 planets
Emcees vanish my unborn seed already refranished
I was last seen in a bad dream
Took out an ad explaining everything in a paragraphics magazine
I aggressively wipe out destiny
See my recipes consistent stet and lead to disease manic depressives
Don't send your troops to my mental institute
You left the womb nude I was born wearing a ninja suit
You see my one's so put K-Rino on
I'm a poisonous human cobun [?]
Emcees relent in mood like I increase the rate a thousand people set across the continent on a single piece of lent
Under these pretentious my thesis is relentless
My reason rap sees quinces decreases your lead scenes
No speakers from no preachers or defenses can prevent this
Flows reaches the most deepest diminishes yours go three inches
The only writer from my biological asylum
With no other living item existed my file
I tune in with one open ear
Like a stethoscope and hear a million conversations being spoke and cleared
Premeditated sick things how can I injure them
Aggregated swing, swing can a team pitch in em
The mackload to brand em I collects brain and scan em
The fathom who barely whispers and shatters your tin panem
The vocally graphic athlete
Whose massive feet trampled it's mattress street and casted in hazard feet
... Strike you cause my mics a tribal rifle [?] too cyber-cycle so trysail light-years a light flight you
Your libel, for the writing of unrighteous bibles
I'll appear before my arrives twice the height of the Eiffel
This chapter has no more laughter
See you got it backwards like placing Omega before Alpha
My word torture enter the Guinness
Men have never reached the finish it because the beginning of it is endless
At the root like a gentle hygienist
I'm the mental violinist who pin symphonies every five minutes
Vocal cords I undo (yeah)
My cranium grew so huge the universe was two minutes scud to come through

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