Omla Bomleigh lyrics

Hmm... mmm... mmm-uy... Don't know where,
But I'm sure we'll soon find out where we're going.
I said, don't know re-runs of Caddy shack, omla bomla-bi-de-li-day.
Don't know where the Dahli Llama is today,
Don't know where my heart is roaming to before you turn around,
Before you turn around... I think I know a little boy.

With each day now I'm tasting the snow beneath my soul,
Beneath the souls of my souls,
With each day now you're in me now.
Said, omla bomleigh, said, love that bus ride wherever,
It's taking me and Johnny and Mister P.
Hold my hand, just hold my hand, omla bomleigh.

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