Only Heaven Knows lyrics

What do you do, when its all behind you
Every day, someone else reminds you
When times were sweet.
Wings on your feet, and bells on your toes
Ahh, only heaven knows....

What do you do when youve lost the feeling
Nowhere to go, youve reached the ceiling
Right behind the floor, no window, no door,
Yeah, everythings closed
Oh, only heaven knows.

Love is a treat, its a magical feat
Illusion of the real;
Youre never quite sure if its real what you feel
Or just something, yeah, that youve felt before.
Only heaven knows.

Love is a treat, its a magical feat, etc.
What do you do when you know youre losing
Sit on your ass and let the blues in;
Think of what you had
And how it all went bad;
You sent her a rose
And only heaven knows only heaven knows

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