Oranges Testimonial lyrics

[John Flansburgh:]
Hey, this is John of They Might Be Giants. You might know me better as one of the guys from They Might Be Giants. You know, chemistry is like a relationship and that's why when you're looking for web design, go to the best: The Chopping Block. You might not know it, but over 50% of web designers are sleepy and cranky. The Chopping Block, through farm living and an active internship recruiting policy have over 10 million employees ready to serve your corporate whatever-they-call-it. Orange powered and web-fueled, The Chopping Block... e-solutions to e-verybody.

Oranges, oranges
Oranges and graphic design
The Chopping Block spends their time growing
Oranges, picking oranges
Then working on graphic design
The Chopping Block works all the time, all the time.

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