O.V. lyrics

[Lord Infamous - talking]

Yeah, Lord Infamous ,back in this thang, the scarecrow, keyser soze

You know in memphis, we got this lil saying, when somebody tryna cross then

flodgin, high cappin'

We got this lil thing we call OV nigga, that means its over

[Lord Infamous]

Fuck with this super thug and get drugged

Sweep your bodyparts under the rug

Burry this butcher knife deep in yo guts

Make you a nice warm blanket of mud

You fools aint learned to see the rear burn

Hollow point hit you so hard your body turned

You have been advised dont fuck with wise guys

Hypnotize Rydaz 4,5 clips surprize

I know your click is full of wussies

When you walk by you smell like pussies

You niggaz aint killa to fuck with godzilla

Monsters, Villans fo real and cap peelaz

Perpetrate ,tough ,and get fucked up quick

Whipped like a bitch and shot in the dick

Infamous, And your neck I will Squeeze boy

Come play wit me, ull see its OV, Over

[Hook x2]

Wanna run up on me its OV

Test the H C to the P its OV

Get these bullets on GP its On Me

Better drop down to your knees its OV

[Lord Infamous]

So all you niggaz join gangs because your weak alone

Catch you by yo self yo ass ol' get gone

Run up in the door high jack you in yo home

Tie your ass up and beat ya wit the phone

You dont wanna feel the force of the tone

Smack ya in the face and crack your jaw bone

Hit this cocaine and do yo ass wrong

Like a 1 in 1, put 2 to yo dome

Glock, Smith and Wessen, Luga and Rugaaa

Will make sure you have no future

Cock back the hammer and close your pupils

Lord wit the sword is very crucial

Hands in the air yo ass best not move

Dont make me walk on yo ass wit these boots

Lord of the hood, I got the crossbolt

Bulls eye bitch arrow in yo throat

[Hook 2x]

[Lord Infamous]

Beat,Rob, Break, Murder, Erase

Dont run, there-is-no-escape

Bullets-hit-you right in the face

Im-not-scared-to catch a case

Slugz, hoes, blood- all on yo clothes

Who'll die next

Nobody Knows

Insain- mane -takin a drain

Bitch I-will-empty-yo vains

I -do -not -feel -no- remorse

Blow-your-mammy ass off the porch


You-got-2 days-to leave town

Niggaz-got-they-dick in the dust

Style-kick-and shot the fuck up

45s, 9s, and the grenades

Blow-yo-bitch-right off the stage

[Hook 2x]

OV Nigga, Over [4x]

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