Pain And Betrayal lyrics

Yeah, listen to these two words
We all done experienced them, at one time or another
Could be your mama, your best friend or your brother yeah

Pain, is when the family ain't ate in a day or two
And you the man of the house, and everybody's depending on you
Visualize your best partna, taking a hit on that glass
And start stealing from you, so you end up beating his ass
Betrayal is when you give your girl, the sun and the moon
Then you catch her getting knocked down, in your own bedroom
Picture this, your sister's prostituting handling her bis'
And you can't even tell your daddy, cause you don't know who he is
Lil' mama you bout to have a baby, ready to name it
Then the dude who help you make it, leave and don't even claim it
You and your homie catch a case, for getting caught with a cake
Then in court, they show this fool talking to FED's on tape
You got a close friend you down with him, for life that's a fact
But everytime you turn around, he got his knife in your back
You taking care of your seed, you ain't never been selfish
Then you find out that your only child, is somebody else's

[Hook: x2]
Pain and betrayal, pain and betrayal
Scarred for life by pain, somebody else gave you
Constant fight to remove, the stain if you able
Call on the most high, from your brain it'll save you

Pain, is when your homie dies and no longer with ya
And you feel the sting, everytime you look at his picture
A cat beg you to give him game, and finally convince ya
And then he take the nine that you gave him, and use it against ya
Pain, is when we start with only dreams that guide us
Then we finally do come up, and let the money divide us
Betrayal is when you find out, helping folks can be dangerous
And sometimes your family members, do you worse than strangers
You going to church faithfully, chasing your calling
But the congregation is roaching, while the preacher is balling
Betrayal leads your perception, amongst people that start it
Pain is when your child can't have something, cause you can't afford it
When you leave your kids but come back, much wiser and smarter
And find out they see another man, as being they father
They say forgive, cause a hard heart's pathetic and sad
I done charged so much to the game, my credit is bad

[Hook x2]

Pain, is when your daughter or your son is molested
And guilt covers you, cause wasn't there to contest it
When somebody else did the crime, but you got arrested
And did ten years in the Pen, before they finally confessed it
Betrayal, people in your presence smiling and grinning
Then talk down on you to other folks, to keep you from winning
Is when a fool gets some cash, and make it out of the slums
Move away and turn his back, on the hood that he from
Pain, is when your husband was unfaithful and ran
And through all of that to make it worse, he slept with a man
When your wife or your lil' mama, was being untrue
Then she tell you, she'd rather be with another woman than you
Betrayal, when they told you bout a pie in the sky
And you discovered, that everything that you was taught was a lie
Knowing a person got potential, but they won't even try
Watching the evil people prosper, and the righteous die

[Hook x2]

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