Protect & Survive lyrics

They said protect and youll survive ---
(but our postman didnt call)
8lbs. of over-pressure wave seemed to glue him to the wall
They said protect and youll survive

E.m.p. took out the radio ---
(and our milk-man didnt call)
Flash blinded by the pretty lights,
Didnt see his bottles fall
Or feel the warm black rain arrive

Big friendly cloud builds in the west
(and our dust-men havent called)
They left the dual carriageway at a hundred miles an hour ---
A tail wind chasing them away

And in deep shelters lurk below, sub-regional control
Who sympathise but cannot help
To mend your body or your soul
Self-appointed guadians of the race with egg upon their face
When steady sirens sing all-clear they pop up,
Find nobody here

And so I watch two new suns spin ---
(our paper man doesnt call)
Burnt shadow printed on the road --- now theres nothing there at all
They said protect and youll survive

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