Put A Quarter In The Jukebox lyrics

She said she'd always love me
She said she'd never leave me
Then I wake up this mornin'
She's gone without warnin'

I know what you've been through,pal
My woman left me too,pal
I'm drinkin' to what it used to be
Here's a toast the drinks to me
What this joint needs is some music,
Put a quarter in the jukebox
and we'll both forget about her
make the music louder someone...
Put a quarter in the jukebox
And we'll sing our cares away
Tomorrow is another day

Another round on me,pal
I feel the same you see,pal
It's hard to face this endless day
I've gotta drink the hurt away
Hey,this joint needs some more music

It feels just like a dream
We were such a winning team
Oh I'm sure it's true that love is blind
Cause leavin' never crossed my mind

What'll I do with the nights now that
she's gone

What'll I do when the nights go on
and on someone

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