Qaundary lyrics

Ive seen you happy
Ive seen you low
Ive watched your prosper
Ive watched your grow
But youre so unhappy
And you should know
That you need me now

Youve got your money
Youve got your pride
Youre so cute, youre so funny
And you cant hide
But theres something wrong here
But Im on your side
And you need me now

Youre aching
Theres no mistaking
Ive seen it before
Youre faking
Your heart is breaking
Get off the floor

I hope theres something you let me do
I live and love because of you
And I set my sights with you in view
So lets make a vow
You live in a quandary
Youre blessed and cursed
They say they love you
But I saw you first
And you think you could love me
But youre unrehearsed
So Ill show you how


You hur inside
You cant hide
Its all up to you
You hurt inside
You lost all your pride
It all comes down to you

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