Queen Of The Undead lyrics

[music and lyrics: Costea]

I've hated this world of lie
And I was trapped inside,
I've looked behind in anger and I died.
I choose this way around
As I'll rise from the ground
And lead this worthless mankind to the otherside.

Demons born in fire, spirits of the damned
Are coming now to win.
Monsters of the night are waiting for their byte
In the name of the darkened queen.

The world is a flock of sheep
And its smell is getting' deep
In the ground where I rest my bones.
There's no chance in changing things
And all the history of kings
Will come and bleed on my tombstone.

Legendary heroes are standing by her side
For the war they were brought back from the dead,
All the living creatures are gathered in the fields
To see how the sky is turning red.
Werewolves and demons slowly bow their heads
To greet the queen of the undead.

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