Rabbit In Headlights lyrics

I've been trying to work out how your heart beats, but where is one?
I'm dying in this dream where your car creeps-my feet can't run.
Where in your eyes are the things we've seen because i can't move on.
And if these lights get any closer I will be gone.

So like a rabbit in headlights I know there's no tomorrow.
So with the power from this night I'll bid goodbye to sorrow.
So like a rabbit in headlights I know theres no tomorrow.
But forever from now when in your sight,
I'm like a rabbit in headlights.

I'm trying to savour the taste of you it's made me sick.
So here are my feelings and insides because joy won't stick.
Now is the time to let go of trying because crying wont work.
I'll tell myself I should say goodbye because I'm too hurt.

Contact will come soon but I know I can't move because my feet are tied up.
The future you choose will now come true as I know that I'm stuck

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