Rainbows Over My Blues lyrics

where do you go, when you go?
you move to the rhythm of something i don't know
what do you do, when you do?
if i could only find a way to get out of these blues
around you i'm weightless
in your sight i'm blind
my heart knows i must have you
but i'm paralyzed in my mind
if you could show me a sign
i might know what to do
seeing your face sometimes makes rainbows over my blues
where do rainbows come here from
appearing out of thin air?
then just as quickly as they come
they are no longer there
it's an old sign of hope
it can have a pot of gold at the end
it's a sign of the times
that i'm out in the cold
maybe we'll just be friends
freeing myself somehow
gonna make rainbows over my blues
bright and brilliant it may be
at the end is my destiny
is it a pot of golden love
or just the blues and me?

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