Return Of The Werewolf lyrics

Wittlich Deutschland
(the site of the ) Last werewolf slayed
There is a shrine to the beast
Protected by eternal flame
Never to extinguish-The candle must burn
For when the light dies-The creature will return

Winds of chaos summon this lycanthropic spell
Smoke now rises-light soon killed
In the shadow of the full moon-
reborn by a dying flame
The candle now extinguished
The curse now spawned again

Return of the werewolf (repeat 2 times)

I am the fiend in the shadows
I am the eyes in the night
I am the stalker of man
I snuff the flickering light
My breath is the blinding fog
My fang like frost on a knife
The wolf prints is my chalice-I feed off your life

I am the wolf-man transformed
Abominations-a mind deformed
Never to return-never to shirft back
Schwytzer is thy name-the monster of Morbach

Return of the werewolf (repeat 2 times)

"This curse bestowed upon me is my blessing
To think as a man,yet stalk as a wolf
My spirit haunts the nocturnal landscape
Incarnated by the harvest moon"

Return of the werewolf (repeat 2 times)

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