Rhino Skin lyrics

You need rhino skin
If youre gonna begin
To walk
Through this world
You need elephant balls
If you dont want to crawl
On your hands
Through this world

Oh my love if I reveal
Every secret Ive concealed
How many thoughts would you steal
How much of my pain would you feel

You need eagles wings
To get over things
That make no sense
In this world

You need rhino skin
If youre gonna pretend
Youre not hurt by this world

If you listen long enough
You can hear my skin grow tough
Love is painful to the touch
Must be made of stronger stuff

You need rhino skin
To get to the end
Of the maze through this world

You need rhino skin
Or youre gonna give in
To the needles and pins
The arrows of sin
The evils of men
You need rhino skin

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