Roll Wit Me lyrics

Roll wit me, (me), i show you how i get on for your pay (pay) pimpin and happy, nigger will (will) do this everyday e..a..s..y nigger you feel me (feel me) 2x

verse 1 (chamillionare)
chamillitary man, but i pull it back the car, wash the whores gonna do it neat(tellin) is not (the not) for no rush trap poppin, get tha de.. tellin, spray wellin, feel mellin and fantastic we sellin, so many bars, yellow whores you know they think that the we sellin, we yeillin but is bars, that he gonn bring it, go 'nd do it (common) dammn take that hood to the game to defend and bring the rule design, i slept on middle look like am around drivin to the chance, makin you arround, they yeillin STOP but i bet you he was VIP (P) have veen, been the pussy, then i flea(she) look a kind of like a chicks from B.E.T (T) am 106 then pop ma ride for free, ma whores gonna pay for me 'yeah ha!!' know that car is to break... could that they hate ur man wit the left row chamillionaire balance is start, you will plan to get ur, place to... pay for no (no) that help you to get shit, he wanna be a chamillionaire u gotta bounce and check the dor..

chorus 2x

verse 2 (big D)(yo)
yo..yo.., ma name is big, (D) the nigger who the chicks wanna see (see) they holl up holl up so up look at me (me) deepin, sippin, trippin not for it (it) she joggiin, poppin walkin, poppin p (p) now pill for pussy pussy pushin it (it) together been a quickin takin three(three) 4, 5, 6, gotta lice can trick, we tha 4, 5, chick make a ville (ville) so we can get tha flow known in case (case) i aint drivin she been drivin while me (me) poppin pant ass on me, with p number 3(3), she is scandelous, she act just like in the vangilous, i mail more wax in the ken turky, cant stop me down pick the main in the script nigger am the man in the crip (common)

chorus 2x

verse 3 (stat quo)
ma name is stat (stat) from A town i beign on back, i represent the A sippin that we make it clap (make it clap) if u talk smart u will get jack (get jack) i have to do ma things like that, i bowl (i bowl) every time a nigger hit em up, u dont wanna see it a big guarntee, you are for, if you test (if you test) me you will see that, smith and west..lee sure it best lee away from him, cause he may pull out the glass store, burst in, and make ur friend drop (friend drop) is close (is close) i roll up, heads just be like oh no (oh no) do they want and they really cant flow (cant flow) cant do it, cant spin it like so (like so) and let ur ass know (hey..) is close (is close) i try to tell ur as it learn it for, u know wat it wat am so (ahh..)

chorus 2x

(Thanks to IbrahimSTL for these lyrics)

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