Rough Times lyrics

Born in the city
The life was pretty shitty
I had a worse life than a 3 legged kitty
Neva went to school
Or the town pool
Had a bad job
Workin' wit dem tools
But it was worse down south
There I pulled a tractor usin' only ma mouth
Now I'm tryin' to survive
In the big apple
All I drink a day is a half empty Snapple
Maybe some fried chicken, once in a while
If not that
I search for a sandwich in a garbage pile
Now I learned to steal
Even a cracka's meal
And some other things
Like some nice ice and bling
Everything I got
Probably isn't mine
But I enjoy it, when the jewels shine
Then I got a band
And we rocked the clubs
Now I can buy
My very own sub
And I gots lots of cash
To add more, to ma weed stash
So theres ma life story
And my road to glory
Now I gots to scram
To go smoke a gram
And then eat some ham

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