Rumours lyrics

too much backbyting, too much senseless fighting
yuh nuh see seh a waste a energy?, purge out your animosity
stay away stay away stay away with your rumours my brother
stay away stay away stay away with your rumours my sister

your rumors, that your spreading all over town
your rumors, yuh a try to fight i down
your rumors, i will never wear no frown
your rumors

room full all full and yuh can't get a spoon full
lipservice from morning back to moonfull
yuh want your youths and your seeds to be fruitful
can't be deceiving and your life it hafi truthfull
calling up me name only mek me get stronger
dem never woulda know that me a go last longer
fly through the gate and then me left dem a wonder
dem and dem propaganda

chorus (repeat)

what dem talk about i don't really care
i don't give much about the things that i hear
rise and i shine and i take my share
movin with jah and i have no fear
when the eden dem a com eme just shift me gear
show dem a sign and tell dem can't drawn here
ina me business dem want interfere
nuh badda come compare

chorus (repeat)

the one bagga lipservice we nuh ina it
babylon me hope yuh heard dis we nuh ina it
none aunno can curve dis we nuh ina it
we nuh deh pon your third list is a winner dis
and what dat yuh confirming
yuh can't twist jah jah neither can yuh turn him
and yuh will never stop the fire what is burning
wee seek jah jah for a higher learning

chorus (repeat)

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