Sam & Delilah lyrics

Delilah was a floozy
She never gave a damn
Delilah wasnt choosy
Till she fell for a swell buckaroo
Whose name was sam

Delilah got in action
Delilah did her kootch
She gave him satisfaction
And he fell neath her spell
With the aid of love and hootch

But one day, so they tell us
His true wife, he did crave
Delilah, she got jealous
And she tracked him, and hacked him
And dug for sam a grave

Its always that way with passion
So cowboy, learn to behave
Or else, youre liable to cash in
With no tombstone on your grave

Delilah, oh delilah
Shes no babe in the wood
Run cowboy, run a mile-ah
If you love that kind of woman
Shell do you no good

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