Save Us lyrics

[Music: Krisko, Tsigkos/ Lyrics: Tsigkos]

Walking down the road
And I see a million faces with eyes so lost
Not even sure why they where born
With out any dreams
Just walking down their lonely way
No destination, just obey

One brave new world is born
From the ashes of our souls
And none of us will ever find the mystic door
Like puppeteers
They control the way we walk
Trembling, and cannot breathe at all

Our souls screaming
For some sweet delight
Our souls, every night, and day
Their screams are twisting my brain

Save us, from all the pain that we feel
Save us, just give us strength to believe
Save us, don't be afraid, now it's time
Save us, 'cause if we are lost then you're blind
Save us, chasten your sins
Side by side we'll purify your fears

Walking down the road, and like you I just go on
With a sweet hope, that I will find a mystic door
I still believe, we can make a better world
For me and you my friends for all

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