Scam lyrics

You're blaming me and I'm blaming you and there isn't one damn thing that
either of us can do cause you think I get all the breaks I think all you do is
take, we both end up empty handed, no one takes the cake
There's a fine line between black and white,
on the outside we appear as different as day and night
but deep inside our souls we share the same pain
we're both at the bottom of the heap
and it's drivin us insane
United we stand and divided we fall and we keep on falling til
there's nothing left at all, but still you stand on the other side,
even though we're in the same boat, I guess it'll always be that way
tour hands around my throat.
There's a fine line between truth and lies keep in mind the
next time you hear you're families cries
live your whole life filled with hate
you have nothing to gain
we both got to make it in this world and it's driving us insane

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