Seattle lyrics

(Miles Zuniga)

Riding 'round and 'round in my car
I can't afford to go very far
It needs a new transmission and new brakes
Parking tickets I cannot pay
They're gonna have to tow me away
Tow me away 'cause I can't afford to drive

We're out of groceries again
Ain't got no money to spend
The credit card is maxed out,
So let's get high
'Cause it's raining all the time
And the rain's been seeping through my mind
But I get by...

I've got a nasty rash on my rocker
I can't afford to go see the doctor
I know I'll be all right in a couple of weeks
Happy hour, that's where we're meeting
Eat for free as long as you're drinking
Hey that ain't no problem for you and me Chorus
Repeat Chorus

Yeah I'm all right
It's all right

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