Shadow Of Death lyrics

As the dark sun rises to the blackened sky
The shadow of death is coming for the human race
Disguised as societies leaders it tells us how to think and live
Until we fall into the graves which we dug for ourselves
I'll choose my own way
Because I can think for myself
As I watch you fall
You can see me rise
Violent news on television
Young kids fully equipped
They don't know the worth of human lives
They don't know death could be real
Blinded by the media- all their dreams turn into nightmares
A nightmare called society
They rather die than live in your hell
They'll choose their own way
Because they can think for their self
As they watch you fall
You can see them rise
In this shadow of death
I see myself in desperation
I rather die than live in your hell
This is my own way
Death before dishonour
I'll feel no pain as my soul bleeds
A sacrifice for my believes

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