She Named The Pony Jesus lyrics

Easter comes but once a year and
Chocolate eggs and bunny ears.
We'll celebrate the murder of our lord.
Little girls love horsies,
But we are very poor sees.
Promises are all we could afford.
Or if I had been laid,
So I kneel down and pray.

Can I have a pony Jesus?
Your humble servant begs.
You see my little girl breathes through a tube
And has a wheelchair for her legs.
I'm not askin you to fix her spine
Or uncollapse her lung.
But I know she'd thank you for that pony,
If she had a working tongue.

Was it miracles I was looking for
When I saw that opened stable door
Unattended at the mid-state county fair.
I knew I had to take it slow
And chicken playing tic-tac-toe
Was the diversion to get her right out of there.
So then off I took,
But I was no crook.
Do you know why?

Cause I had a pony Jesus!
It was so much more than luck.
Well your guiding hand dragged it past the guard
And forced him in my truck.
And to know that horse won't stop he tremors
Or re-attach her nose.
But I know she'd hop right on that pony
If she could move her shriveled toes.

I'm still waiting in the drive way,
Hooked up to her machines.
And the happiness in her good eye
Was all the thanks I need.
It's so great!

As we approached he leaped to greet her.
He couldn't hold all that love in.
That divine equine just kicked and beat her.
To stomp out all that sin.
And a clap of thunder sent him running
As heaven's rain began to fall.
And he dragged a metal chariot,
But she didn't quite clear the wall.
And he galloped off to spread the gospel
And prove that nothing is impossible.

And she named her pony Jesus,
At least I think that's what she said.
Twas a girgly sound that trickled out
Through the hoof print in her head.
Another son to save me
And that's exactly what was done.
That holy pony brought redemption.

Giddy up God's only son.

Couldn't be stony,
Got her a pony.
It knocked her chair over
In the name of Jehovah.
Clippity, cloppity, he'll never stoppity.

The power of Christ compels you!
He is your lord, master!

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