Sobb Story lyrics

Verse 1: busta rhymes
Remember the days when I was walking and talking
Doing what I gotta do, doing what we wanna do
Off into my walked dawn missions, why?
Cos the brothers that I knew with the rise drove by
Only nice in the days looking down the road
Seeing beatiful girls with the car load
Yeah yeah yeah they are screaming,
Wish I had a little ride on my own,
But since I dont there is my sobb story
My missions will continue as I keep on stalking
Stamina was dying from the constant walking
Right before the moment I began to car to my man ridle
Who had a some moving on
I tought he wouldnt know thats my dying
Where are the others nammy you beat and kept driven
Now in my heart they do a big hole
Cos my little, little, little toes
Started jumping on my end soul
It was frigity burn and then I said wait, I got pride
Its time to get my own ride
I came up with the scheme and got paid
I had no other choice but go at knowledge of tray
When I got my transport, I got kind of steam g up
Cos I got cherry pet further
Now Im feeling good cos Im off my feet,
Man the little squalid dogs running up in the street
And they saying:
My name is sharina, my name is busta
My name is tonia, my name is busta
My name is dianna, my is busta
And what do you take me for the little loco push over
No shame in my game cos thats how I got this
And when I return the playback everybody gets pist
And now I am the man fielding all the glory
And when you rise down and gone, just remember that

I know you and you know me,
I know you and you know me,
I know you and you know me,
Its the sobb story, the sobb story

Repeat chorus

Verse 2: charlie brown
Red like green like 1, 2, 3
Here comes the hop along kid charlie b.
Im constantly moving with my walkman kicking
My bunnions are crying beaving plicking
Please, please, get into the vehicle
I stop at daves ave.,
Figure out vehicle-brother, to give me a ride
Sorry, charlie was a coming reply
I didnt forget about the girl in the sidekick
The rubber dont system in the swallow kid
C drive by with the posse, ooh ah, ooh ah, ooh ah
Hey charlie brown, where you go?
Well I have to purchase to get
Smoke from the rubber word up to my neck
Girls wear goochie and their friends way fendy
Wall ally a walker to get fairly
Just a beep beep an ocasional way
The tables turn, now she got play
Lunchtime marty and deon
Jonhy guills, diego stroy, and dacon
Sitting and waiting for about to biggy these
I stack by the crackerjacks just through delieve
Stress its a mess I decided to work
But its hard to work when your boss is a jerk
I sweat floors and drive to get mine
My amigos with dinco d, milo and busta rhymes
Wreck top kickbox galooine brown whos the clown
Remember the


Now I remember rod when he first got his sobb
Didnt have a job and his car was a mob more brothers
He never knew from jack and when his car win flact
They wouldnt inject
And when his car was in the shop they wouldnt stop buy
Theyve say hi on the reply but back came rob
To the same old game
Hee-hee yo, whats up to yall, wanna hang?
Yeah sure they said on the quick fast
By the way anybody got money for gass?
Nah, not me
I dont, dont ask
I got it, come on
Watch out, we gonna crash!
Roll away now rob just walking like me
The d to the o and the middle inc
Ans some say mv I say all empty
And now he just walking my sobb story


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