Souvenirs lyrics

By: vince melamed, danny okeefe
Someone wants a piece of you
Never let em pay
What you do not give them
Time takes anyway

Had I known what love is worth
I could have saved the tears
Might have come in handy
Like souvenirs

I didnt see her comin
til my head turned in surprise
Thinking I must know her
But it was her thin disguise

She padded up her innocence
And tightly cinched her fears
But she saved a little room
For souvenirs

I still go to pieces
But I dont go as often
Placeless times in space
Where all the edges soften

She took me away
Where I couldnt send her
I knew that she would leave me
Something to remember

I wanted more than one
Until I found the one I wanted
Her memories are ghosts now
Though Im still pretty haunted

What we gave each other
Aint exactly clear
Probably comes under the heading
Of souvenirs

Pieces, bits, and pieces
Add up through the years
Ive collected a small fortune
In souvenirs

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