Stalker lyrics

[drunken butterfly cd5]

Got me prowling like a police car
Im stalkin and walkin youre my movie star
I know your trailer it glows in the dark
You got that certain something that special spark

I wanna know
What you think of this idea
You and me and no-one else
Your friends at work will disappear
And that guy youre with he was never there
Every night rewind the dream
Tv static sex in flame
You know its harder all the time
Its comin down real fast in my mind
I will not live without you you you

I gotta give my whole life
Im comin knockin at your door
Hear you walkin cross the floor
Now I know where my ambition lies
My love its right between your eyes
I love you
I gotta love you
Ill get you
I gotta get you
Yeh I got you

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