Strange lyrics

I laid there feelin sorry for myself
in a bed of kleenex.
Stuffin chocolates in my mouth on the phone
with my best friend cussing my ex.
He broke my heart, felt like the world had ended.
I cried myself to sleep thinking I can't get over him

Strange... talk about luck i'm above
and the sun was shinning
Strange... I outta be in bed with my head
in the pillow crying over us
but I hang low. Strange

Got half a mind to spend my whole paycheck
on one of those dresses,
those strapless black ones that are so famous
for teachin lessons.
Drop by his place pick up the rest of my things.
He'll tell me I look good I'll laugh
and say I'm wastin time.

Repeat chorus (x2)

(Thanks to Mary1027 for these lyrics and to Kitkat19 for these corrections)

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