Street Corner Flows lyrics

Uh-huh uh-huh, uh man
I'm mad, I'm mad uh

I say, people be wondering who the best is
Look at that boy I just battled, and then go ask him where his chest is
I smash fools, cause I'm jurassic
They gon have to bury your body and your ass, in two separate caskets
Shock resistant, heat starter
A threat to take a bath with plugged up, electric appliances in the water
My rhymes are like crack, against the law
Young playas get took to jail, just for having K inside the car
I make a time machine, and blast off
Go to the future, catch your grandkids rapping and bump they ass off
MC's get hooked, when I rain on em
These rappers take my rhymes to motel rooms, and run a train on em
Call me the style, metamorphian
Subject to evolve into a bionic bullet, releasing scorpion
Got to impress you, when I'm in the square
If my rhymes ain't rough enough, I might just vanish into thin air

Y'all don't wanna run up, on K-Rino
Keep that mainstream shit, I'm bringing street corner flow
Lyrical manslaughter, no time for game playing
Round after round bucking em down, so what you saying

I kick a thousand, with none whack
Understand virgins listen to my words, and get pregnant on contact
Swallowed by flows, now you feeling doubt
My rhymes like cancel pack and sick killer bees, eating your stomach out
No matter, what city or state
Wreck any rapper breathing lose, I got a trick of pot of boiling water straight
You either die now, or die later
I slap a hater G, and I put that on your old lady vibrator
Got more ingredients, than gumbo
You bring them rhymes up in the paint, I be I swat em down like Mutumbo
I might inflict lyrics, that kill fast
And Ms. Cleo couldn't predict, how many times these hands gon touch your ass
No need to call me, I'm the best at this
See all I got to do is scare people thoughts, to check my messages
You could be asleep, I'll still get with you though
I'll take a nap, meet you in your own dream and come and get you hoe


They can't identify, the gifted ace
I fake em out, because I wake up every morning with a different face
I snatch punks, and hit the kill switch
Fuck a picture on a milk carton, they gon find his ass inside that bitch
It ain't no use, for you to try and hide
It's South Park Russian roulette playa, take turns inhaling sionide
I'm gunning fools down, at high noon
My promotion's so strong, I got posters and shit all on the moon
You wanna run up, on a thought spinner
They'll show the highlights, of me dogging these silly rappers on Sportscenter
Roaches be dying, from the way I spit
My rhymes so dangerous, you gotta wear a rubber when you play my shit

[Hook x2]

Y'all don't wanna run up on K-Rino [x2]

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