Talkin' To Me lyrics

Hey K
Psst, say K
I know you here me mayne
I know you here me mayne, K
Come on man, wassup mayne

[Verse 1:]
I was sitting in my living room mapping out a plan
Stretigizing on how to get a million in my hand
Man, right then in there something shot a spark to me
I thought I heard my TV remote talk to me
He said "what's the deal mayne, why you straining out you brain
You should chill for a minute, don't you wanna watch the game? "
I said "yeah" he said "cool, pick me up and start flipping through the channels"
Then my pants said, "hold up K you trippin
You know you need to sit down and finish these rhymes
You pressed for time, you about to miss you deadline"
My rap book co-sign and said "let's do it"
The stereo said, "naw, let's listen to some music"
The TV was down with the remote coming strong
Moaning and groaning telling me to turn it on
Got me stressin' cause I know I need to finish up the song
I hear all there different voices but yet I'm all alone

[Hook: x2]
I don't know what's wrong with me man I don't know what to say
Animated objects be talking to me everyday
Man I think I'm going crazy cause it just won't go away
Animated objects be talking to me everyday

[Verse 2:]
I stood in dislivfely listening to the sounds
The bed said "forget about them just come lay down
You haven't been sleeping this is where you need to be"
The television said "yeah, while you lay you can look at me"
I gotta lot of work to do so no I won't listen
Soon as I sat down I heard a voice from the kitchen
I opened the refrigerator who said what they said
It was a pretty piece of fish, "man I thought that you was dead"
He said "yeah, physically but mentally you know what's up
Stop debating on me K get a skillet and heat me up"
I said "man I got work to do, this is not a joke"
Right then I heard my pistol say "wassup homie you broke?
If you looking for a way to get some paper out the blue
Pick me up let's hit the streets man I know something we can do"
As I thought about the money I was smilin at my strap
My momma picture looked at me and said "boy don't get slapped! "

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3:]
I said forget this I'm a work on some lyrics my people need me
My stomach was screaming "feed me" a book was saying "read me"
The phone started talking it said "won't you call Sharell
The girl you met in Taco Bell? " I said "well what the hell"
When I grabbed the phone I notice the TV was getting jealous
Said "you always on the phone why don't you tell em what you tell us"
This stuff is calling me my persessions are out to get me
The computer said "why don't you come spend a few hours with me"
Then all at once the kos and confusing started sparking
At the same time everything in the room was talking
They said "K-Rino you'll eventually have to face us"
My shoes said "we tired it's time for you to replace us"
See this is what it's like man when you try'na grind
And out of distractions visit and take over your mind
My homie came to my house sweating and choking
He said "my weave been talking to me K, I need to stop smoking"

[Hook x2]

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