The 20th Centu lyrics

War, technology and oil
Have brought pollution, decadence and greed;
The more we take the more we fear,
The Earth surrendered to our lust for gold!

Slaves of our voracity,
Progress has crippled our capacity;
Forever trying to simplify,
We complicate, we mistify
The world disposable defines our creed!

Debt, our only currency,
Constantly chained to damn economy;
Let's feed our dreams with bank accounts.
Worship the icon of the modern age!

Chains! The Twentienth Century destroyed our faith!
We're chained to fear!

Even though I know it's wrong
I don't want to sacrifice,
There's a part of me that's comfortable here.

In these niceties I drown,
I've got everything I want,
But my inner voice keeps whispering "Just let it go".

Whatever we might do, we stand alone
Feasting on our own flesh we won't last long

It'd be hard to recognize
All the damage, all the lies,
Why would I want to observe the product I've become?

If I have to pay a price
Why redeem my faulty life?
I'll take everything, for here and now is all I've got.

Whatever we make up, we stand alone
Shadows on a wall aren't the real scene
We must break the...

Chains! The Twentieth Century debauched our age!
We conquered all!
Leaving the Earth profaned, our garbage spread!
I can't believe it hasn't been enough!

I don't know why I was born
But it's been so short a ride,
If I died now I would leave a worthless legacy.

I guess comfort isn't much,
If compared to what it costs,
Should I sacrifice or should I turn on... new plasma screen?

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