The Blues Are Brewin' lyrics

Eddie delange / louis alter

When the moons kinda dreamy
Starry eyed and dreamy
And nights are luscious and long
If youre kinda lonely
Then nothin but the blues are brewin
The blues are brewin

When the wind through the window
Blows across your pillow
And tells you sleepin is wrong
If love goes a thirsting
Till you feel like bursting
Then nothing but the blues are brewin
The blues are brewin

Suppose you want somebody
But you aint got nobody
You only get a gleam in your eyes
Till somebodys found you
And put their lovin arms around you
You got the feelin you want to die

But when the lord up above you
Sends someone to love you
The blues are something you loose
Youre so busy doing
The things that youre doing
That love aint got no time
For brewin the blues

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