The Buzzard Song lyrics

Boss, dat bird mean trouble.
Once de buzzard fold his wing an light over yo house,
All yo happiness done dead.
Buzzard keep on flyin over, take along yo shadow.
Ain nobody dead dis mornin
Livins jus begun.
Two is strong where one is feeble;
Man an woman livin, workin,
Sharin grief an sharin laughter,
An love like augus sun.
Trouble, is dat you over yonder
Lookin lean an hungry?
Don you let dat buzzard keep you
Hangin round my do.
Ain you heard de news this mornin?
Step out, brudder, hit de gravel;
Porgy who you used to feed on,
Don live here no mo
Ha, ha, ha, ha! buzzard, on yo way!
Ole age, what is you anyhow,
Nuttin but bein lonely.
Pack yo things an fly from here,
Carry grief an pain.
Deres two folks livin in dis shelter
Eatin, sleepin, singin, prayin.
Ain no such thing as loneliness.
An porgys young again.

Porgy and chorus
Buzzard, keep on flyin,
Porgys young again.

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