The Carbon Cycle lyrics

I am human being, I have chromosomes
Constantly splitting through the process of mitosis.
Every daughter cell eats and breathes with me.
So I go to the corner store regularly
To purchase soda and refrigerated bacon
For the bile in my colon that I'm diligently making.
Some monkeys eat only vegetables and fruit.
Our bodies like theirs break down their food
And relinquish those parts into various tubes,
Then we shit, they shit, everybody shits shit.
Our gets flushed while theirs get thrown
And wherever it lands, more plants are gonna grow.

Carbon cycle, carbon cycle.
We are part of nature's plan.

I wake up in the forest in a jacket made of ram
Cause my skin is far too thin for ultraviolet rays to play on.
Yet the vultures circle over head and pray for my demise
And all the meat that they don't eat is fodder for the flies.
So I start running through the trees and helping out a few,
Cause the oxygen that take in will give the CO2.



I stub my toe, and the blood that pours
Will fertilize things to feed herbivores.
Your carbon travels south down the food chain cue
And you are what you eat, so that makes you you.

Carbon cycle.
We are part of nature's, we are part of nature's plan.

Carbon. When we eat.
Carbon. When we bleed,
Carbon. When we cry.
Carbon. When we breath!
There's carbon all around you when you're passin along.

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