The Competition lyrics

He met this girl from Reno
Whose life was a competition
She looked just like a china doll
With porcelain skin
She knew he'd let her win
He fell for her
As if he fell from his mother
To the arms of a lover
And he swore not to leave her side
For better or for worse
Whichever comes first
Sadly, the latter arose

She met this boy from Omaha
Whose life was handed to him
But still he wanted everything
His dreams were his ruin
But she couldn't wake him up
The bough broke, and he fell
Like the time he fell from his mother
Into the arms of a doctor
So he cried like that first day of his life
He knew he had broken
This beautiful porcelain
And how their world be the same?

So it never was the same
She whispers his name
"I'll stay if you want
But I could never be
Who you imagine me to be
I'll stay, I don't know what else to do
But I can't change for you
I won't change for you"

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