The Debate lyrics

Were we created or did we evolve How did we arrive
What's the purpose of our existence Why are we alive
Tell me who do you believe in To what do you subscribe
And when it's time for you to prove yourself How will you survive
Were we created or did we evolve How did we arrive
What's the purpose of our existence Why are we alive
Tell me who do you believe in To what do you subcribe

[Verse 1:]
First I'd like to thank ya'll for coming out today
We would ask that you close your mouth & pay close attention to what we're about to say
My name is K & I'm your moderator in this great debate
We're tackling a topic that highly prevalent state to state
To my left an evolutionist atheists He'll be stating his case against
The man to my right who's a creationist
For the sake of history a camera specialist is taping this
Did a deity create this or did we evolve as a basic/Just you sir
Well the bible states than in the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth
So everything we see here was his hand at work
This man's a jerk I've read his books and seen his lectures
Even studied all his tapes about how we were life forms that evolved from apes
I ask you how can a intellegent being come out of a lesser being
This is the thing with which we're wrestling
The universe and man are God's creation Just admit it pop
If we evolved from apes & apes are still around why did it stop?


[Verse 2:]
OK your time is up you'll get a chance to talk some more
But at this time we need to let our second speaker have the floor
Let's give the same respect to him & not speak all at once
So we'll pass the baton to your opponent & now for his response
Well the concept of life evolving & the way that things were brought in
Was fathered and authored by Charles Darwin
Your assessment of what we believe was imporperly covered
We only speak of how one life form changes into another
You believe in God but can't prove there's a god & this is vital
Your theology is based upon a contradicting bible
You don't worship him you worship idols
And hold self-righteous dispositions
If god is real why is this world in this condition?
I feel humanity has had enough of this lie
You praise a spirit that allows people to suffer & die
And no matter how much you pray & look up to the sky
Things remain corrupt
Alright your times up to rebutting reply


[Verse 3:]
Right now This debate is winding down
We're finding out some things now so we'll let the evolutionist start this time around
Well as for the universe we've never said who made it
Evolution is now the theory of how life originated
Your failed connection and theory rejection
Is only evident of your lack of comprehension in the process of natural selection
Well motion & order are the first two laws of the universe
We don't agree that stars & planets are the result of a big burst
Think at the perfect celestial trajectory How things operate sucessfully
With intricate detailed complexity
[laugh] Can you believe this idiot standing next to me?
See you're speaking scientifically
Prove God did it and break it down specifically
I've done that through the scriptures What you've heard is the truth
Whether it's Bible or Qur'an see God's word is the proof
And I agree I'm speaking scientifically we're in compliance
But my last question to you will be
Who created Science?


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