The Drive lyrics

A reason is all I need to try and stop letting myself leave and say goodnight.
A need to know where this leads is weighing down on me I can't breath.

I'm sick of the same old conversations winding up with these old frustrations.
Lets take the time to to see. If we can believe all the fine points made;
If we can acheive anything today; If we can stand up to the test of time;
If we can get down to the bottom line-are we as one?

I thought about all the things you've said and done as times gone by.
I wanted to make you see how much you are few and far between
and sleep by your side and not say goodbye.

The taste of a sweet life.
The sound of the sea.
The reason to stay here's not dying in me.
So can we move onwards and upwards not back down this beaten tarck?

Why did this argument happen anyway?!

If this small mismatch can destroy our dreams.
If this tiny hole swallows anything at all.
If he can be happy then why can't I?
It's not all that easy because I've tried.
Are we as one?

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