The Final Chapter 2 lyrics


[Intro - Chamillionaire - talking]

(Rapid), here lizard, lizard, lizard

(Ric), Mi-Mi-Mi-Mi-Mixtape Messiah man, it's the final chapter

It's the final chapter, it's the final chapter (Rapid, Rapid Ric)

I'm the greedy genius (hold, hold up)

(It's the, it's the, it's the, it's the, it's the, it's the, it's the)

You in the presence of the finest (Chamillitary mayne)

It's the final chapter

Believe me, Chamillitary and we more than hype

Four out of ten Texas rappers are some Koopa prototypes

It's the, it's the, it's the, it's the, it's the final chapter

(Mixtape Messiah 7, here lizard, lizard)

It's the final chapter

[Verse - Chamillionaire]

This is part two, caught you, sittin in the dark you

Know that I'm a nightmare, it ain't really no need to argue

Sharpshoot, sharp pum (*gunshot*), bullets that will carve you

Keep on mean muggin man, I hope your vest is hard too

This will be a message to all those who say they Texas made

I confess I got the best of all mixtapes that Texas made

Really ain't nothin left to say, I don't got to step to A

There will only be a 100 copies, all the rest is fake

For many years they complained when I dropped 'em late

So I had a attitude, I purposely would switch the date

Some will hate, I know I'm great, some will go eBay the tape

I gave you a 100 dollar bill that you couldn't even break

They tryin to drop me late, like wait until December

But I can't wait for Universal to get their ish together

It's like whatever, you never should eat with the Devil

But when I go I'll be the greatest Houston hustler ever, ever

[Outro - Chamillionaire - talking]

Yeah, she what I had to realize is

I'm not very good at waitin for people to make moves

I'm from Texas

Home of the players that know how to break the rules and make the rules

You know what I'm sayin?

We've been doin that before anybody came in the game

Before the fame, before all that

So why don't we go back to what we used to do, huh?

Take control, King Koopa, Mixtape Messiah 7

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