The Kings Are Here lyrics

[Intro - Chamillionaire - talking]

(Turn the fuckin beat up!)

(It's Southern Smoke you bastards!)

(Southern Smoke)

Chamillitary mayne

(Fear Factor Music, yeah)

(Turn it up motherfuckers, turn it up)

(You ain't ready, I run these streets)

(Southern Smoke)

(And in case you forgot, I'm a Kinggggg!)

[Break - Chamillionaire - talking]

Hey, we lit 'em up before Smallz, time to do it again

You ready?

Yeah, you know what it is

Chamillionaire also known as King Koopa

Also known as the Mixtape Messiah

And now also known as the Man on Fire

Reporting to you live from the gritty streets of Houston, Texas

And what you about to witness is something phenomenal

Chamillionaire and DJ Smallz - Man on Fire

(Southern Smoke)

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